HSSPA currently has 15 groups!

For more information on any of these groups please contact us at info@hsspa.harvard.edu.
Our calendar of groups and events is also available here.

Weekly Groups

ESL Café - Done for the 2013-2014 year. Will resume in the fall.

Leader: Nicole (nicole.radunsky+HSSPA@gmail.com)

Join us for an hour of English Conversation, lead by American native speaker Nicole. Topics will include life, the universe and everything and will involve practicing language for different everyday scenarios such as going to the doctors or ordering at a restaurant. Please RSVP for your first time to Nicole in advance!

Linkup Study Group - Done for the 2013-2014 year. Will resume in the fall.
Leaders: Xin & Carrie

We will gather to learn some online courses provided by top universities and to learn from each other as well. We will select the most popular open courses periodically. The first session will last for 12 weeks, which is “American novels since 1945” by Yale. Six remarkable novels will be instructed through 12 lectures. We will meet weekly, watch a 50-mins video and group discuss later. The participants are encouraged to read through the novels more or less in advance in order to raise questions and discuss easier. Everyone is welcome!

Men’s Group - Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm - Grendel’s Den (89 Winthrop St Cambridge, MA)

Leader: Marcelo

HSSPA is looking for a few good men…to join the HSSPA men’s group. Drop by, meet members of the men’s contingent of HSSPA on Thursday, and brainstorm other potential events for this group to organize in the future.

Music Group - Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm - Cowperthwaite Common Room
Last meeting June 24th. Will resume in the fall.

Leader: Sven (svenvandijk@hotmail.com)

This group brings together people with a passion for music. The group is open to everybody who can play an instrument. Our ensemble can be best described as a “wind and string chamber orchestra”. We are always looking for new musicians so if you play the trumpet or trombone, piano or a string instrument or something else and always wanted to make music with fellow musicians from all over the world, you are very welcome to visit a rehearsal or just join us right away! We play various styles of music, e.g. currently we are working on some classical pieces from Mozart, Faure and Pachelbel.

Painting & Arts Group - Fridays 2:30pm-5:30pm - Smith Campus Center Room 860

Leaders: Susan & Manali

This is a relaxed painting group for artists of all levels (even artists who don’t know they are already artists). We meet weekly, paint, draw, and get creative. Materials are supplied to get you started. Sometimes we do seasonal activities or go on field trips to museums or sketching excursions. All are welcome.

Playgroup - Fridays 10:00-11:30am - Peabody Terrace Common Room
Done for the year. Will resume in the fall.

Leader: Sarah (ptplaygroup@gmail.com)

We play, sing, read books. Parents also chat, share experiences, and make friends. This group is open to Harvard parents with children 0-3 years old. Children must be accompanied by a parent. Annual fee is $15/family due on the second session attended. Contact Sarah for more information.

Present (Yourself) with Confidence - Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm - Smith Campus Center Room 860

Leader: Cynthia

Do you feel insecure about yourself, especially when speaking in public? Would you like to work on your presentation skills and your confidence in a protected environment while receiving positive feedback? Come and practice in this new group! Listen to others give a talk about their current or former job, home country, hobby, sports team or any other topic of choice and learn to give them positive feedback so that they can improve their skills, and be brave and give a talk yourself to get better at public speaking and be more confident!

Russian Conversation Club - Fridays 5:30-6:30pm – Ksenia's Home (email for address)
Done for the year. Will resume in the fall.

Leader: Ksenia (ksenia.keplinger@hsspa.harvard.edu)

The Russian Conversation Club is a perfect opportunity to meet other native speakers or practice conversational Russian in a relaxed and informal setting. You can expect to make new friends and learn more about Russian culture. We will have a different topic each session. 

Sewing & Quilting, Knitting & Crocheting - Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm - Gather Here or Member's Home (email for address)
Done for the year. Will resume in the fall.

Leaders: Alena & Ksenia

Did you always enjoy sewing, quilting, knitting, or crocheting? Do you need a gentle push and a company of similar-minded creative people to resume your favorite past-time? Are you a beginner who wants to try a new craft, but doesn’t know where to start? Then this group is for you! Most of the time we’ll meet at Gather Here which is a stitch lounge and fabric, yarn, and fibers store that provides an inspirational work space with machines, supplies, and tables. It is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Harvard Square. When we don’t need the equipment – when we work on a pattern, for example – we’ll have our meetings at a member's home instead. 

Social Get-Together Group - Done for the 2013-2014 year. Will resume in the fall.
Leaders: Selin & Katharina 

Every week we get together to socialize, chat, share community news about events and deals. Some sessions will include special topics, tasty treats and activities organized by volunteers. Newcomers are very welcome. This is a very informal get-together and a great way to meet new people! Join us to introduce yourself, share some experiences with other Harvard spouses.

Yoga Class - Mondays 6:00-7:00pm - Smith Campus Center Room 860
No classes between May 20-June 22.

Leader: Mathilde (mathilde.piton@gmail.com)

All levels welcome! Drop in class; No registration is necessary. Price: $5 cash only. Bring your own mat. RSVP required.

CultureXchange - Monthly on Wednesdays - Smith Campus Center Room 860

Leaders: Nina & Dorte

The CultureXchange Group meets once a month to bring people together who are interested in sharing and discussing different aspects of life from a diversity of cultural perspectives. We use scientific intercultural models, proverbs, stories, role plays, and self-reflection to get into discussions about values, individualism, collectivism, power distance and effort optimism. We will also be talking about verbal and nonverbal communication styles, monochronic and polychronic, high and low context cultures.

International Cooking Dinner Party - Monthly on Fridays 6:30pm – Exact times/dates/locations TBA

Leaders: Agnes & Chrysa

Each time a different HSSPA member will show us how to prepare a traditional meal from their home country and when it’s ready, we’ll all enjoy it together!

I Like Psychology - Meets every 1.5 months 6:30-8:00pm - Exact times/dates/locations TBA

Leaders: Agnes and Cyntia (i.likepsychology@yahoo.com)

“I Like Psychology¨ is a group started by Agnes Ebinger and Cyntia Barzelatto, two current HSSPA members and experienced psychologists. The group invites individuals with a common interest in Psychology to get together and explore diverse psychological topics and issues. The group leaders will facilitate a series of workshops oriented to expand the member´s knowledge in Psychology, while providing a space of interaction, learning and sharing of experiences, all of which will be framed within psychological theories and practices.

Everybody is welcome to join! No prior knowledge in psychology required but a strong motivation is suggested. For any questions please e-mail Cyntia or Agnes at i.likepsychology@yahoo.com.

Simple Foods Group: Just Like Home - Dates/Times TBA

Leader: Hae Kyung

This group focuses on the cooking of simple dishes, just like the types that are often eaten in the homes of the diverse and international HSSPA membership. A recipe and ingredients will be supplied and the ‘instructor’, either a HSSPA member or a special guest, will teach a basic dish that is ‘typical’ to the instructor’s region or country. Together we can all sample and share authentic international dishes with simple recipes, just like in a typical home. After the cooking, members will share a meal together or take with them a portion to be shared at home. Many exciting culinary experiences are forecasted. Also planned are periodic field trips to Cambridge based local food vendors/businesses. PRICE: $2 per session

Upcoming Workshops/Groups

Check back for new workshops or look in our weekly newsletter!