HSSPA Facebook Posting Guidelines. 2013.Abstract
An overview of posting guidelines for the HSSPA Facebook group.
PDF icon hsspa-facebook-guidelines.pdf
Vanessa's Peruvian Cookbook
Figari V. Vanessa's Peruvian Cookbook. 2013.Abstract
A cookbook that includes all the recipes from the former HSSPA cooking group: "Peruvian Cooking".
PDF icon peruvian-cookbook.pdf
HSSPA Spouses Guide
HSSPA Spouses Guide. 2013.Abstract
A comprehensive guide for all HSSPA members moving to and living in Cambridge, MA.
PDF icon spouses_guide_v1.2.pdf
Anna's Little Boston Guide
Anna's Little Boston Guide. 2008.Abstract
Anna shares her favorite kid-friendly places in Cambridge & Boston!
PDF icon annas_guide.pdf
Stuff for Kids Around Harvard
Stuff for Kids Around Harvard. 2006.Abstract
A guide for Cambridge-based parents.
PDF icon stuff_for_kids_1.pdf