Interview Workshop - Story Connect


Monday, February 20, 2017, 9:30am to 12:00pm


Smith Center Room 860


Storytelling in Interviews

An invitation to a job interview seems like a big achievement. However, the real challenge is still waiting for every job candidate. How todistinguish oneself from the other candidates? How to make sure that their interviewer doesn't just see them as a blank piece of paper - and to ensure to be remembered positively?

During this interactive workshop, participants learn to recognize their strengths and to communicate them in a way that is proven to be most successful – through story.

Coming out of the workshop, every participant will have developed and practiced a story that is highlighting key skills for his or her dreamjob.


Mechthild ("Maggie") von Knobelsdorff 

As the founder and CEO of Story Connect, Mechthild works with businesses, foundations and non-profits to enhance their communication and leaderhsip skills - and make their message stick. Over the last nine years, Mechthild honed her skills in facilitation and training working in non-profit organizer and industry roles. She started storytelling as a free-lance journalist and applied storytelling at her work.

During her three years with Story Connect, Mechthild held workshops at the San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators, the European Parliament, and for the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Mechthild’s interview workshop was featured in the Boston Globe.

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