Troughout the first semester of 2021, join us for a series of free Parenting Workshops! Sessions are guided by Carla Pérez MartínezPhD in Perinatal & Infant Psychology. We hope to provide resources of support to mothers and fathers during this amazing journey of bringing a new life to this world! Check out the following sessions:

January 13th - Prenatal bonding: 3 ways to connect with your baby in your womb! 
February 3rd - Pregnancy, postpartum and emotions (February 3rd, 2021).
February 24th - Prenatal Lactation Preparation
March 17th -  Baby Sleep and Infant Massage: Safe sleep and time to connect with your infant
April 7th - Help your toddler to calm down: tantrums and parenting selfcare
April 28th - Approaches to potty learning: how to support your toddler in this stage
May 19th - Gentle weaning your toddler



Certificates are provided.