Our mission

HSSPA’s mission is to enable the spouses and partners of Harvard students, post-docs, visiting fellows, staff and other Harvard University affiliates to socialize, find intellectual stimulation, and to create a sense of belonging within the Harvard Community and surroundings.

Our vision

We aspire to warmly welcome every spouse and partner to Harvard University within the most rewarding experience while building and carrying for an engaged community.

Our core values

  1. Welcoming: HSSPA cares about creating a warm environment, where everyone is supported with respect and thoughtfulness.

  2. Diversity: We all came from different parts of the world. HSSPA understands and celebrates all kinds of people in the community regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, and sexual orientation.

  3. Collaborative: Together we are stronger. HSSPA is the result of teamwork and values sharing mutual support between its members.