Harvard Students Spouses' and Partners' Association (HSSPA) is an entirely volunteer-run organization open to the spouses, partners, and family members of all Harvard students, post-docs, visiting fellows, and other affiliates.

Looking to make new friends, find intellectual stimulation, and feel a sense of belonging within the university? 

HSSPA welcomes spouses and partners of all Harvard affiliates regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, and sexual orientation. We are a truly diverse group that includes people from all over the world. HSSPA Membership is free and you can join here. Our activities are sponsored by a portion of the investment income from the Anna P. Lowell fund (1930).  HSSPA’s by-Laws govern the activities of the association.

As a member, you will receive our bi-weekly newsletter containing up-to-date information on group meetings and activities of interest around the campus. 

HSSPA has an active Facebook Group  and Instagram  that all members can join with lots of helpful information. Members are requested to abide by our drafted Facebook Guidelines.


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